GB Forestry Australia is based in Derrimut-Victoria, where its office and manufacturing centre are located. GB has been manufacturing guide bars and associated products since 1959. Now with a modern state of the art production line, utilizing laser cutting technology, CNC machines and computer controlled processors, GB manufacture a product which excels, quite literally, at the cutting edge of timber harvesting.

Over the past 50 years GB has played a significant role in the development of the Forestry Equipment Industry, both in Australia and overseas.

GB has the most extensive range of chainsaw and harvester bars of any manufacturer.

We at GB believe it is our role to continue to manufacture product to a very high standard, and provide the best possible service with the broadest range. We have set ourselves very high targets to become the best manufacturer and supplier of chainsaw and harvester cutting equipment and to provide the best available service.


GB has over 50 years’ experience in the forestry and chainsaw industries. This wealth of knowledge is combined with continual product testing to ensure that GB designed and manufactured product performs in the most demanding of conditions. GB tests all products it manufactures in the field, from the humble plastic wedge to 3m long chainsaw mill guide bars.

GB has continually advanced the design of chainsaw guide bars and sprockets.

Improvements in materials, heat treatment and manufacturing processes have produced longer lasting bars and sprockets, and higher strength industrial harvester bars at a competitive price.


GB’s manufacturing philosophy is different to any other manufacturer of chainsaw guide bars and drive sprockets. This philosophy is in setting product specifications first and then developing manufacturing processes that will enable that specification to be met, not the other way around. In short, GB does not allow compromise in product quality.

Our groove grinding process enables the use of high strength materials which are not suitable with other methods and give GB a unique advantage in both wear and strength compared to all others.

Quality Control

GB’s quality assurance program is “world’s best standard” and starts with quality and design. Each manufacturing process is designed to guarantee repeatability and is monitored by a dedicated GB team member.

The inspection program has evolved over 50 years to ensure customer satisfaction and delight in the performance of all GB products.

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